MC Wallet

MC Wallet

The MC wallet is a hybrid wallet of sorts. Not quite as big as the BF-6 bi-folds, but carries more than the CH card holders. For some, this style hits the sweet spot between bulkier bi-folds and card holders where a person needs more space. Not everyone lives the minimalist life. The MC is a very versatile wallet. Lightweight with a  cash carry option. For when you stumble into the inevitable small town store that doesn't take plastic. 


A stainless steel money clip is stitched securely in the center for cash. It folds down into mutltiple positions for eash of use.There are 5 total cards slots, 4 internal and one external. And just like the BF-6 there are 2 hidden pockets under the card banks. 


These are made to order and if it shows out of stock, it means I'm currently out of money clip hardware. But you can always contact me by clicking here or emailing me: 


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