The Organized Life - Part 2

Updated: Jan 6

In The Organized Life – Part 1, I talked about the importance of journals, notebooks and the analog nature of just writing things down. I also mentioned my favorite technique of Bullet Journaling. This time I’d like to focus on “EDC” or Everyday Carry, a term I was completely unaware of until a little over a year ago now. From phone, wallet and keys to knives, flashlights and “tactical” pens and more, the EDC world is quite robust.

Check out EverydayCarry here and see some examples for yourself. Wikipedia calls EDC “a collection of useful items that are consistently carried on person every day. The main reasons for having EDC are utility and preparedness; to help individuals overcome simple everyday problems, and to prepare someone for unexpected and possibly dangerous situations.”

Again I’m not an affiliate of, nor do I receive any compensation for these links in this article.

The origins of EDC seem to stem from the “preppers” or survivalist community. They plan ahead for potential emergencies on a local and/or larger scale. It can even encompass those who have emergency funds stashed away to prepare for a potential job loss or other financial disaster. Self-reliance, stockpiling of supplies and gaining survival skills tends to be the traits of a survivalist. But I digress. I firmly believe you can learn things from almost any person, community or organization. So what do preppers (survivalists) and their focus have to offer? Organization in their items. It’s not enough to have everything you think you’ll need, you also need to know where it actual is in case of an emergency, right? On a smaller scale from underground shelters and stockpiles of non-perishable items I sometimes wish I had, the every day carry element is quite intriguing. Seriously, check out this other site with curated kits available for purchase – Uncrate – Everyday Carry

How often do you wake up feeling refreshed…a bit too refreshed, only to have panic set in from the pure realization you’ve slept in and are late for work? No need for coffee – I don’t know of anything else that can give you that instant rush of adrenaline! The last thing you want is to be searching for your phone, wallet, keys, etc. So along with your EDC items, you need organizational methods of storing them when at home.

For some, that might be a bug out bag, all the supplies needed to survive for 72 hours or longer if you were to evacuate from a disaster. For others, it might be as simple as your phone, watch, wallet, keys and maybe a pocket knife. A great solution here is the valet tray. These are catch-alls for various small items that come in different shapes and sizes, and are made from different materials. Some have divided areas, others are a flat tray allowing you to toss whatever, wherever in them.

This may start to sound a bit complicated now. You might be saying to yourself “Do I need all these ‘EDC’ items? Places to store them now too? Why is my heart rate still up just from reading about being late for work in the previous paragraph?” But it all honesty you practice EDC daily. The point of this article isn’t to sell you on needing to carry more things every day. It’s about organizing what you already carry daily in a more practical way.

  • Where does your wallet go when you’re not using it? On a nightstand or dresser?

  • What about your keys? Maybe you have a key hook near the front or back door or are they in your pants pocket from the night before?

  • Your phone? Oh, right it’s probably in your hand right now.

What if instead of hunting these things down, they were in one place? That’s the beauty of the valet tray. As a bonus they protect your furniture from scratches or dents from these items as well. Whether you store them on a dresser or night stand in the bedroom, to a table in your foyer or entryway, they tend to look great while functioning well. As you may have guessed by now, I make valet trays too. It’s just another item I’ve found incredibly useful and so I decided to supply them. You can check out more by clicking here.

So what kind of EDC items do you carry daily? What’s your EDC kit look like? Share below!

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