The Organized Life – Part 1

Updated: Jan 6

One thing I’ve always implemented and updated in my life is organization. I don’t like a messy inbox, cluttered workspace or toys all over the floor. (If only our 3 year old could get on board with the last one.)

So while I’ve started building product lines around organizing things in my life, I felt it was necessary to create a conversation based on personal and professional organization. Because if you’re like me, you enjoy reading about useful tips and tricks. Share some of yours in the comments below!

So, let’s start with a nice article from Lifehack titled “How to Organize Your Life: 10 Habits of Really Organized People” And let me add one last thing – I’m not an affiliate of anything I link here. I receive no monetary gain from you going to these links.

The first 3 items in Lifehack’s list are what I want to address here:

  1. Write things down

  2. Make schedules and deadlines

  3. Don’t procrastinate


If you read the article at least up to the 3rd habit you notice a common theme and the phrase “write it down” repeated often. In today’s digital age, it’s easy to lose touch with the benefits of analog writing. Less screen time in general is beneficial to you long term.

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out “Go Analog: The benefits of paper planners” on Medium which brings up how research and multiple studies point to a better understanding of topics and longer memory retention. The number one method they list is Bullet Journaling. (More on that later)

Benefits of Writing Things Down

Did you know one of the benefits to writing things down is better sleep? A study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology suggested that writing in a journal for five minutes before bed could improve your sleep. This study used EEG, a sleep measurement to determine exactly how much faster those in the study fell asleep. But content matters. Writing down the things you’re trying to remember is key. Like maybe a to-do list.

Another article listing the benefits of pen and paper is “How Analog Notebooks Can Enhance Productivity” on Improvised Life. Right off the bat they reference Moleskin brand journals and how “M.I.T. students, academics, artists and other high-achieving entrepreneurs prize them” over other digital styles of note taking. Moleskin is a good brand and comes in different sizes and styles like lined, unlined or grid. I prefer grid paper for the multi-functional use in Bullet Journaling. And I’ve since gone away from Moleskin as there are other off-brands you can find that work just as well on Amazon for just a bit cheaper.

Bullet Journal

So, there’s that term Bullet Journaling again. What is it??? Check out their system itself at and see how easy and versatile it is. It’s free, completely free. At no point do you need to buy anything from them. The only 2 things you need to bullet journal is a pen and a notebook. That’s it.

And the best part for someone who loves organization and hates waste….there is no waste. It’s not a Franklin planner or any other pre-printed notebook or system for you to use. It’s modular, built with an active community of users that share hundreds if not thousands of ideas, and it can be as professional or creative looking as you’d like.

At it’s core, you have the index system which is one of the main “collections” or frameworks. This forms the basis that supports the ability to just add more information onto the next available page, never running out of space or wasting unused sections. Need more space for an existing page a ways back? Start writing in the next available one. There’s no issue finding the linked pages as they will be located in your index under the title of your notes, project, etc.

Admittedly, I was skeptical. It’s a bit of organized chaos on the surface and I didn’t think it would work for me like so many other systems. And maybe it won’t work for you. But I invite you to give it a shot. It may be just what you’ve been looking for like it was for me.

Bullet journaling is the only system I’ve ever stuck with both personally and professionally. I started in January 2017 after discovering it and have never looked back. I’m on my second journal after finally filling the first one up, 2 years later. I’m filling up this second one much faster already. Your mileage may vary.

Personally, I like the portability and size of the journals that are about 8.25″ X 5.25″ and that’s what I’ve designed my Journal Protectors to carry. Each new Journal Protector comes with a lined notebook. Check them out!

Share your thoughts!

What method(s) do you use for organizing your thoughts, your day and your life? Leave me a comment below! Continue to Part 2 by clicking here.

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