Image by Luemen Carlson



My name is Matt West.


I’m the founder, owner, and maker of Direwolf Leather LLC.

I have a love of nature and its cycle of life. There is beauty in the chaos - an ebb and flow to life, death, and new birth. In that cycle, it’s my belief that the meaningful repurposing of an animal’s hide can be performed in both an honored and respectful way.

My journey began as a need for a new hobby. Blacksmithing was my first thought, but leatherwork was this ancient and sacred-feeling art to me. That evolved into a passion. Working with leather is quite often a trying experience, and if you don’t love it, you may not get through the rough times before seeing great results.

I’m a one-man shop, operating out of my home, and located in Southeast Michigan. I’ve dabbled off-and-on in this craft since December 2013, then became more serious about it in early 2019. The desire to improve upon myself has lead to growth in knowledge and skill, which has become a lifelong pursuit. 

The smell of new leather never grows tiresome. The art of saddle stitching by hand is quite meditative, and the challenge of each new project humbles me. Sharing this passion with others, both customers and colleagues has become a reward in and of itself.


This is now more than just a hobby or a business to me, but it’s own meaningful pursuit.